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C/ Machaquito, 58, 28043 – Madrid, Madrid, Spain
phone: +34 91 716 07 10 – email:


DOWN ESPAÑA is the Down syndrome national federation in Spain. DOWN ESPAÑA gathers more than 93 different institutions related to Down syndrome all over Spain, becoming a reference among Down syndrome organizations in our country. We are part of international associations such as the European Down Syndrome Association and the Down Syndrome International, and we are founding members of the Iberoamerican Down Syndrome Federation (FIADOWN). DOWN ESPAÑA is an entity member of CERMI (Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities) and it is consultative member of the Bartolomé de las Casas Institute of Human Rights, which has been carrying out important teaching and research work on the subject of human rights since it was founded in 1993. For 27 years we have been working in order to achieve the personal autonomy for the Down syndrome collective, through our programs and publications of Early Care, Health, Inclusive Education, Support Employment, Independent Life, Leisure Time, Investigation Information & Sensibilization. We give support not only to Down syndrome people, but also to their families in every area of their life cycle, managing their full integration into society. DOWN ESPAÑA is also the spokesman of the Down syndrome collective with the government, public authorities and private media. We work on awareness, recognition, and presence of disability in media, and focus on the dissemination of our projects and work programs.

Adriana González-Simancas
+34 91 716 07 10
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