Project Description

Down Alapítvány ASSOCIATION

Amerikai út 14., H-1145 – Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
phone: +361 363 6353 – email:


Born in 1992 to support individuals with intellectual disability with the application a holistic approach. The goal of the activity of the Hungarian Down Foundation is to ensure that as many children with intellectual disability as possible are brought up within their own families. To assure this, the Down Foundation endeavour to provide a wide range of support services to the parents, so that they are encouraged to bring the children up within the family rather than sending them to care institutions. All of our activities and projects during the past 25 years have been in pursuit of this goal on the basis of the normalisation principle, which means that disabled people has the right to live a “normal” life, like everyone, being integrated into the society. Our holistic approach covers the maintenance of lifelong services from the birth to old ages, on the field of social and health care, education, employment, recreational and sports activities. Several innovative methods and tools, practical know-hows have been developed for the support of the as autonomous as possible life of intellectually disabled persons. We focus on person-centred services and the empowerment of the individual.

Katalin Gruiz
+3620 536 7696
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