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Associação Portuguesa de Portadores de Trissomia 21 ASSOCIATION

Rua Dr. José Espírito Santo, Lote 49, Loja 1, 1950-094 – Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal
phone: +351 218394222 – email:


The Portuguese Down Syndrome Association (APPT21) was founded on the 1st of October 1990 with the mission to provide healthcare to children stricken with this genetic disorder. In the 90‘s, the remarkable successes achieved with the introduction of the most up-to-date evaluation and intervention methods in Down Syndrome led APTT21 to apply them to other disabilities. These were indeed the first steps on the road that led to that which is today one of the most innovative and up-to-date child development centres in Europe, thanks to the work of a devoted multi-disciplinary team of professionals. Furthermore, since 2006 APTT21 is truly involved in a vocational training programme since early age with the aim to support youngsters and their families in the acquisition and development of functional, social skills, independent living and autonomy, language and communication skills that allows people with Down syndrome to enter the labor market. The vocational training programme allows the involvement of family, school and the workplace with the training of the tutor who supports the youngster with Down syndrome in the workplace. Thus the institution supports the integration of youngsters and adults into the labor market in partnership with stakeholders and makes the evaluation and monitoring of their performance periodically. Also conducts regular meetings with tutors and supervisors to evaluate the performance and satisfaction in the workplace.

Luísa Cotrim
+351 218394222
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