20 06, 2024

TATI Budapest

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GENERAL INFORMATION Address: Dohány utca 58-62., 1074 - Budapest, Budapest, Hungary Phone: +36705786579 Email: info@tatibudapest.com Website: tatibudapest.com Nestled amidst the lively rhythm of downtown Budapest, TATI stands as a testament to the simplicity and purity of farm life. Born out of a deep-rooted love for our family farm, our restaurant aims to bring [...]

6 06, 2024

Twentysix Budapest

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GENERAL INFORMATION Address: Király utca 26., 1061 - Budapest, Budapest, Hungary Phone: +36703956129 Email: info@twentysixbudapest.com Website: twentysixbudapest.com The Twentysix Budapest GARDEN is a nutritious, soulful Mediterranean restaurant in the heart of downtown Budapest. An urban oasis, bar and eatery where nature meet gastronomy, conscious living and the mindset of sharing and community under [...]

25 03, 2024

NH Pisa Hotel

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GENERAL INFORMATION Address: Piazza della Stazione, 2, 56125 Pisa Italia Phone number: +39 050 43290 Email address: nhpisa@nh-hotels.com Website: https://www.nh-hotels.com/it/hotel/nh-pisa?campid=8435708&gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjw-_mvBhDwARIsAA-Q0Q5KXdI-_E5XmIv-WxkrU0A8QD_JgTWLxDkzxkzXz9JL-udxfDYxlCgaAuZEEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds La posizione è il punto di forza dell'hotel NH Pisa, noto in precedenza come NH Cavalieri. Situato proprio di fronte alla stazione ferroviaria centrale, ti consente di fare una piacevole passeggiata di 20 [...]

25 03, 2024

NH Roma Villa Carpegna

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GENERAL INFORMATION Address: Via Pio IV, 6, 00165 Rome Italy Phone number: +39 06 393731 Email address: nhvillacarpegna@nh-hotels.com Website https://www.nh-hotels.com/en/hotel/nh-roma-villa-carpegna?campid=8435708&gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwwYSwBhDcARIsAOyL0fifHoKJTJpTE-68nJUjoNJIWSgOejrtFZiS132mhIec0uiE_69c_HkaAhUmEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds Looking for a quiet place to escape the hustle and bustle of the Roman metropolis? Set just outside Rome’s bustling center, the NH Roma Villa Carpegna hotel offers the perfect balance between city [...]

25 03, 2024

NH Collection Roma Giustiniano

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GENERAL INFORMATION Address: Via Virgilio, 1 E/F/G, 00193 Roma Italia Phone number: +39 06 68281601 Email address: nhcollectiongiustiniano@nh-hotels.com Website: https://www.nh-hotels.com/it/hotel/nh-collection-roma-giustiniano?campid=8435708&gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwwYSwBhDcARIsAOyL0fh7E6RwV2LgDX151-YVXYRHUPzJajpEhzMMY2X7U_8-f9wxKeZwfowaAg8oEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds L'hotel NH Collection Roma Giustiniano accoglie gli ospiti a pochi passi dal Vaticano e nelle immediate vicinanze del quartiere dello shopping di Prati, con i suoi eleganti negozi di marca. Questo incantevole [...]

25 03, 2024

Hotel Mercure Siracusa

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GENERAL INFORMATION Address: Viale Teracati, 20, Siracusa, Italy Phone number: +39 0931 464646 Email address: info@hotelmercuresiracusa.it Website: https://hotelmercuresiracusa.it Grazie alla sua strategica location in centro città, di fronte al Parco Archeologico, al Teatro Greco e a pochi minuti in auto dall' Isola di Ortigia, il Mercure Siracusa Prometeo, raffinato hotel 4 stelle dal [...]

25 03, 2024

Salina Hotel Taranto

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GENERAL INFORMATION Address: Via Mediterraneo, 1 Taranto TA Phone number: +39 099 7312539 Email address: info@salinahotel.it Website: https://www.salinahotel.it/en/ The Salina Hotel is a new hospitality experience in Puglia, offering unique services. Just 6 km from the centre and 3 km from the coast and the main beaches, our hotel is all about sustainability and attention to [...]

25 03, 2024

Aleph Rome Hotel, Curio Collection by HILTON

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GENERAL INFORMATION Address: Via di San Basilio, 15 Rome, 00187, Italy Phone number: +39 06 422 9001 Website: https://www.hilton.com/en/hotels/fcoahqq-aleph-rome-hotel/?SEO_id=GMB-EMEA-QQ-FCOAHQQ Housed in a historic building that was once a bank headquarters, our hotel fuses original marble detailing with modern, high-tech rooms. In the heart of the city, we’re a 10-minute walk to the Trevi [...]

18 03, 2024

Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel

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GENERAL INFORMATION VALUEABLE INFORMATION Member of Valueable Network since 18/03/2024 COMPANY CONTACT PERSON Website: https://www.hilton.com/en/hotels/romhiwa-rome-cavalieri/?SEO_id=GMB-EMEA-WA-ROMHIWA LOCAL TRAINING AGENCY TRAINING AGENCY CONTACT PERSON t

18 03, 2024

Leon’s Place Hotel

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GENERAL INFORMATION Elegant and refined, Leon's Place is a boutique hotel ideal for a charming stay in the heart of Italy's capital. The hotel arose following the restoration of the historic Palazzo Fabi Altini, with an architectural result of strong aesthetic impact, being the perfect fusion of classic environments and modern influences. From [...]