Internish abroad: Italian trainees to Porto

Axis Hotel is a partner and a member of Valueable Network.

Lorenzo and Valerio – both from Italy – work at Axis Porto for 3 weeks, starting from the 5th February 2018.

They have been preparing for it, together with their tutor Valentina, in order to be ready and motivated to get the most out from this “journey”. Before departing, it is necessary to get prepared for the work experience abroad.

The first week they work as Housekeepers. The second week as Cook Assistants and the third one depending on the hotel’s needs.

The experience is tiring but also very rewarding for the two trainees (and their tutor), but also for the hotel. Axis Porto was already employing people with intellectual disabilities at work, but they never tried with people from abroad. The results are incredible!

Please get in touch to join the network.


If you are a manager – within the hospitality sector –, a person, a training agency and you want to include people with intellectual disabilities in the workplace, please get in touch with the Valueable Network team and ask for more information.

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