🎊Happy new year! As we launch forward into 2024, we look back at 2023 to draw lessons and highlights. Here is the recap of our most recent activities:

1? 2? 3? 4? No, ‼️ Yes, that is the number of traineeships that happened across Europe thanks to the Valueable Network partners and members in 2023.

14 persons with intellectual disabilities coming from Portugal, Italy, Spain, Germany, Croatia Hungary and Turkey undertook their internships at member hotels, who are part of the Valueable Network of hospitality businesses: Axis Hoteis Porto, NH Italy (Genova, Villanova Bologna and Siena), and a non-member, Inout Hostel Barcelona.

We have once again seen the benefits of employment inclusion in action. Here is some feedback collected directly from those involved:

💭 Matea, the accompanying tutor from the VET agency Croatia Down Syndrome Association “saw this as a trip with her best friends”, as she formed a deep bond with the two trainees outside the working hours, whilst exploring Porto together.

🗯️ Rita and Sofia from APPT21 Portugal who did their traineeship at NH Siena, said that “thanks to the way our colleagues treat us, we feel like we are at home here”.

💭 Cenk, the accompanying tutor from the VET agency Down Türkiye, told us that “the two trainees did not want to leave Bologna and go back to Turkey” as they enjoyed their experience so much.

🗯️ Vanessa and Diana who went from Hamburger Arbeitsassistenz Germany to work at NH Genova, would recommend to other colleagues and friends to go there because  “what more could you want than the sun, the sea, and focaccia?!” They are right.

🌞 The workplace environment can be fun and stimulating at the same time. Everyone has the right to engage in meaningful work and we hope these testimonies inspire you to do the same to promote a more hospitable tourism industry.

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