The work experience of Christopher and Alejandro

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of the first traineeship of 2022! Despite the complications caused by the Covid-19 global pandemic, Christopher and Alejandro have just returned to Badajoz, Spain, after a three-week internship at Axis Hotel in Porto.

Work:During their training, the two apprentices had the chance to apply and enhance their skills by carrying out a variety of tasks. Their responsibilities ranged from cleaning and tidying up the rooms, to setting the tables at the restaurant, from preparing breakfast to serving cocktails at the bar.

The trainees demonstrated a striking enthusiasm for undertaking any task at hand and for partaking in this adventure as a whole. They proved to be receptive listeners and effective communicators with their colleagues, remaining open to receiving constructive advices. 

HACCP course: Furthermore, they took advantage of the HACCP certification course offered by Valueable, which supported their acquisition of technical knowledge and jargon specific to the hospitality sector.

Free time: Complementary to the hours spent working, the experience allowed the trainees to explore a new city: Porto. During their free time they visited key cultural landmarks, enjoyed boat trips on the Douro, went shopping and took long walks making the most of the sunny weather. 

Both the hotel staff and the accompanying tutor, Sandra, have reported positive feedback from the trainisheep. Notably, the hotel staff demonstrated remarkable openness and willingness to make the workspace inclusive and accessible. They have shared their gratification for having had the unique and enriching opportunity to work alongside Christopher and Alejandro in these 3 weeks.

Key takeaway: Internships such as this are a great asset not only for the interns, but for all persons involved in the implementation and operationalisation of the project. Positive knock-on effects are generated and reach their families and national associations.

Future Aspirations: The Valueable team is sincerely thankful to Down España, Down Badajoz, Axis Hotel Group and everyone involved for making this a wonderful and holistic experience. We are hopeful that this will be the basis for a stable employment inclusion for Christopher and Alejandro. 

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