🇵🇹 On the 22nd and 23rd of January 2024 the Valueable Network project partners met in Axis Porto Business & SPA Hotel for the final project meeting.

The agenda was packed with many items to discuss:

  • ValueS project results and testing
  • Evaluation of Valueable
  • Communications Strategy
  • Future of Valueable Network

🖇️ These topics sparked fruitful exchanges on the lesson learnt during the ValueS course development and piloting. Partners were also invited to split up in smaller groups to conduct a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis evaluating the project throughout its lifetime. This was a moment of reflection for everyone, where common challenges emerged and positive experiences were shared. 

In the afternoon, an online discussion was held, with representatives of Valueable network hotel chains: Beatrice Carlorosi representing NH Italy, Alessio Previde from Melià, Italy, and Manolo de Miguel from Axis Porto. They all shared their enthusiasm for being part of this network which helps improve their corporate social responsibility and has a positive social impact. 

In the evening partners got to explore the enchanted city of Porto, trying local cuisine such as the delicious pastéis de nata.

🗣️ On the second day, the project partners were joined by staff of the Axis Porto Hotel: Marcia (manager), Joao (restaurant), Mena (rooms). This is the business which has hosted the most foreign trainees out of all Valueable Network members: 20 trainees over the past 5 years. The job placements have been really positive for these colleagues who confirmed their appreciation for such an opportunity to experience the benefits of a diverse workforce. 

Finally, Paola Vulterini from AIPD announced the beginning of a new era for Valueable. Although the Erasmus+ project is ending shortly, the legacy must live on: the network of hospitality businesses will continue to champion inclusive employment practices and the trademark will still serve as recognition of such commitment. Stay tuned to find out the changes that will take place in this new chapter.🚀

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