🚀 September is a bit like January, buzzing with fresh momentum and renewed positive resolutions. Valueable Network is no stranger to this feeling. Our Vocational, Education and Training (VET) partners rode the post-summer holiday wave across Europe and organised National Multiplier Events to present our latest project result: the ValueS Health and Safety at work e-Learning course.

Did you miss these online webinars? No worries, here is a recap of what went down in each one.

🇵🇹 Portugal
On 29th September, the Portuguese session took place. Excitement was palpable, with 55 participants engaging in our online ValueS presentation. Laura Bastos from APPT21 led the discussion, reaching diverse audiences. She began by telling the history of Valueable Network, and then dove into the practical part of this new e-learning tool. Participants liked the course, considering it a great initiative in ensuring a future of safer workplaces for all.

🇭🇺 Hungary
At Hungary’s online multiplier event, several participants were persons with disabilities themselves, with whom Down Alapitvany have piloted the course in the past weeks to ensure its accessibility and understandability. Their insights and experiences added depth to the Q&A discussion, underscoring the importance of our mission and of this new product. A big part of the participants were interested in taking the course, and one expressed eagerness to send the e-learning to others.

🇩🇪 Germany
In Germany, Hamburger Arbeitsassistenz, firstly presented the tool to a group of 50+ job coaches. Then, a more in depth and focused seminar was hosted, with a smaller audience. This bore fruit, partnerships were forged and interest piqued in becoming part of the Valueable Network. Alexandra Winterberg presented the platform and accessed it live during the meeting, to familiarise participants with its contents, by guiding them through it.

🇮🇹 Italy
LUMSA University in Rome provided the backdrop for engaging discussions in the Italian Event. Scholars and students immersed themselves in the world of ValueS. With great speakers, namely Paula Benevene from LUMSA, Fabiola Sfodera from Sapienza university, and project coordinator Giorgia Scivola from AIPD, the event sparkled with intellectual vigour and passion.

🇭🇷 Croatia
The webinar hosted by HZDS witnessed a varied mix of attendees, from professors to government representatives and business leaders. The presentation not only showcased the ValueS course, but also introduced the upcoming internships abroad. Dinka Vukovic and her dedicated team led the discussion on the important topic of employment of persons with disabilities. Participants appreciated knowing that HZDS can offer their support in facilitating the entry of youngsters with Down Syndrome in the open labour market, and regarded the new course as a useful tool to enable a smooth integration of persons with disabilities into the workforce.

🇹🇷 Turkey
Last but not least, our partners from Türkiye Down Sendromu Derneği hosted the event in Turkish which saw a high attendance. Families and university students joined online to explore the transformative potential of the ValueS e-learning. The event resonated deeply and the focus on more inclusive health and safety at work courses was recognised as an innovative and essential point. A second event was also organised to engage with job coaches from public employment services. They are the ones responsible for hiring persons with disabilities, hence they’ve become important contact points, strengthening our collective mission.

What is our main takeaway? Online National Multiplier Events are useful and effective tools to  amplify the reach of our tools. Raising awareness among persons with disabilities, their families, and the broader community is key because this is a shared journey toward safer and more inclusive workplaces which should engage all relevant stakeholders!

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