Promoting Valueable places

Through the Google Display Network and thanks to EURid, we launched a (free of charge!) campaign with the aim to raise awareness and make people choose inclusive places – hotels, restaurants and cafes – for their summer holidays.

EURid invited Valueable to another promotional project (free, as always). We were approaching the holiday season and EURid thought it might have been nice to help Valueable get a bit more visibility to our .eu website!

We obviously accepted and had the chance to run an online display campaign using the Google Display Network. Using images provided by Valueable, we created co-branded banners with Valueable and EURid logos.

The campaigns ran for a period of 14-21 days on Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn, with all campaign costs completely covered by EURid.

We indicated our desired target countries, languages, and audience according to our specifications, as well as the landing page.

All traffic generated from the campaigns went through to Valueable website.

We sincerely thank EURid for this great opportunity and hope many Valueable members had positive results from this!

Still curious to know more about our members? They are in 6 different countries! Find one place to go!

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If you are a manager – within the hospitality sector –, a person, a training agency and you want to include people with intellectual disabilities in the workplace, please get in touch with the Valueable Network team and ask for more information.

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