18 11, 2022

To support diversity and inclusion, understand privilege first!

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We are all aware of the increasing discours about diversity and inclusion in many spheres of life. A lot has been said and discussed, but where should we start in order to really increase our awareness and actively support the change towards a more inclusive society? To support diversity and inclusion, understand privilege first! [...]

18 10, 2022

The importance of words

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Have you ever thought about how much weight words have in the way you see reality? Language, like the way we see the world, is something that is constantly changing and it is important to pay attention to how this affects our thinking and attitude towards others. If we wish to have a more [...]

13 09, 2022

Social Entrepreneurship Competition in Tourism 2022 – Valueable Network between the finalists!

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Valueable is moving to achieve greater visibility and independence and is taking new steps in the world of sustainable hospitality.  A couple of months ago we applied for the Social Entrepreneurship in Tourism Competition 2022, the first worldwide competition focusing on social innovation and entrepreneurship in tourism, following the spirit of the United Nations' [...]

29 04, 2022

HospitABLE Businesses

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As you may (perhaps)  know, traineeships abroad are one of the most unique features offered by the Valueable Network. These experiences are not only a great opportunity for persons with disabilities to acquire indispensable transferable skills for future employment, but also provide real benefits for hospitality sector businesses. Namely, they get to enhance their [...]

23 03, 2022

Social Inclusion of Persons with Down Syndrome: Testimonies from our Partners

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This month we celebrated World Down Syndrome day on 21.03 - a symbolic date for people living with trisomy 21. On occasion of this, we would like to share testimonies from two of our partner associations in Turkey and Hungary about their work with Valueable and for the empowerment of persons with Down Syndrome.  [...]

11 02, 2022

First Internship abroad of 2022

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The work experience of Christopher and Alejandro We are delighted to announce the successful completion of the first traineeship of 2022! Despite the complications caused by the Covid-19 global pandemic, Christopher and Alejandro have just returned to Badajoz, Spain, after a three-week internship at Axis Hotel in Porto. Work:During their training, the two apprentices [...]

5 08, 2021

A Display Campaign thanks to EURid

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Promoting Valueable places Through the Google Display Network and thanks to EURid, we launched a (free of charge!) campaign with the aim to raise awareness and make people choose inclusive places - hotels, restaurants and cafes - for their summer holidays. EURid invited Valueable to another promotional project (free, as always). We were [...]

1 05, 2021

Valueable Network celebrates the International Workers’ Day

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For the 2° year: #IWantWork https://youtu.be/RoPdK3v6U1Y Job inclusion is the only way we know to bring equality in our society. Get in touch. Valueable Network will give you all the information and support you may need: https://www.valueablenetwork.eu/contact/

21 03, 2021

World Down Syndrome Day

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World Down Syndrome Day March 21, 2021, World Down Syndrome Day. On the occasion of the worldwide celebration of Down syndrome, AIPD (the Italian Association supporting people with Down Syndrome  and the Valueable Project Coordinator) launched an "immersive" video, to tell how a few minutes of glance can lead to a deep connection... [...]