20 10, 2023

Empowering Workplaces: Recap of National Multiplier Events

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ūüöĬ†September is a bit like January, buzzing with fresh momentum and renewed positive resolutions. Valueable Network is no stranger to this feeling. Our Vocational, Education and Training (VET) partners rode the post-summer holiday wave across Europe and organised National Multiplier Events to present our latest project result: the ValueS Health and Safety at work e-Learning [...]

21 09, 2023

Evento ValueS: 28 Settembre a Roma con LUMSA

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Il prossimo 28 settembre alle ore 10:00 verr√† presentato il nuovo corso¬† sulla salute e sicurezza nei luoghi di lavoro realizzato nell'ambito del progetto ValueS. ūüöĬ†L'evento √© aperto a tutti gli interessati! Collegatevi facilmente tramite Google Meet aprendo questo¬†link. Oltre alla presentazione del nuovo e-learning, sar√† un'occasione per parlare dei benefici per l'ambiente di lavoro [...]

7 09, 2023

EU Disability Employment Package Unpacked

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What is the¬†EU Disability Employment Package? ūüóāÔłŹ¬†On 20th of September 2022, the European Commission launched its Package to Improve Labour Market Outcomes of Persons with Disabilities (also known as Disability Employment Package).¬†This set of Documents was announced as one of the flagship initiatives of the EU Strategy on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2021-2030. [...]

31 08, 2023

Piloting of E-Learning Tool

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The Valueable Network Project partners are in the piloting phase for the E-Learning course on Health and Safety at work. Here is a photo from a participant taking the course, organised by our VET in Germany: Hamburger Arbeitsassistenz. ūüíĽ¬†Participants test the tool and provide structured feedback that contributes to improving the course to better meet [...]

13 06, 2023

Open Testing for New Course

2023-06-13T12:49:20+00:00June 13th, 2023|Categories: Events, Featured News|

We are excited to reveal the English version of the promotional video for our new Course on ‚ÄúHealth and Safety at Work‚ÄĚ.¬†This is produced within the Erasmus plus Project ‚ÄúValue-able safety at work‚ÄĚ and will be available soon in 8 languages.¬†At the end of the course, answer the questions about the different lessons you have [...]

31 05, 2023

Empowering Persons with Down Syndrome in Croatia through Collaboration with Valueable Network: Interview with Dinka Vukovic

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Valueable Network keeps expanding: we are now present in Croatia, thanks to the new partnership with Hrvatska zajednica za Down sindrom (HZDS)! We had the pleasure of interviewing Dinka Vukovic, the President of HZDS, the Croatian Down Syndrome Association, and also the current president of European Down Syndrome Association (EDSA). Dinka shared her personal journey [...]

9 05, 2023

Europe Day : Conversation with Cora Halder

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  As we celebrate Europe Day, it's important to remember the fundamental values of our continent: respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law, and respect for human rights. These values must apply to everyone, including those with intellectual disabilities. In honour of this occasion, Valueable Network has spoken with Cora Halder [...]

24 04, 2023

Second Place Winners of the Social Entrepreneurship Competition in Tourism

2023-04-24T08:50:36+00:00April 24th, 2023|Categories: Awards, Featured News|

Remember that Valueable Network was shortlisted as a finalist for the Social Entrepreneurship Competition in Tourism? Well‚Ķ we are thrilled to announce that we achieved an incredible second place rank in the ‚ÄúLaunch track‚ÄĚ. You can watch ¬†the recorded livestream of the awards ceremony on LinkedIn, where the Project coordinator Paola Vulterini made her pitch [...]

17 04, 2023

Travel Massive Partnership

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Proud to announce that our project has been featured on Travel Massive. Travel Massive is a global tourism network. For over a decade, the community has connected thousands of tourism professionals, travel media, influencers and startups from around the world. By connecting and sharing ideas these actors help shape the future of travel. Being publicised [...]

14 04, 2023

Good Practice Recognition

2023-08-31T10:21:16+00:00April 14th, 2023|Categories: Awards, Featured News|

We are thrilled to announce that Valueable Network has received the ‚ÄėGood Practice‚Äô recognition by the Erasmus+ Programme. Good practices are chosen annually from among the proposals that scored no less than 80 out of 100 in the final evaluation.¬† The projects selected must also demonstrate that they meet the complementary criteria that characterise an [...]