If you are a manager of a hotel, restaurant, b&b, cafe, fast food and any business within the hospitality sector caring about quality and wanting to promote inclusion through staff diversity by hiring people with a learning disability, please get in touch with the ValueAble network staff and ask for the Valueable label.


If you are a person seeking excellent customer service and appreciating businesses who are socially responsible, please share your thoughts with hotels and restaurants, making them understand that you value staff diversity. Tell the world that you care about employment opportunities for all, without any discrimination in regards of ID. Follow us on social media, and see the Valueable members which act responsibly, all over Europe, by employing people with intellectual disabilities.


If you are training agency, find a hospitality business that could host an internshi and/or hire a worker and contact us. You will have the chance to become a Valueable training agency and you will be added to our list.